I am a Robotic Dairy Farmer based in Kilkenny. In addition to farming on a daily basis I offer consultancy advice to farmers considering automation for their farms. 

My objective is to take a farmer right through the process  – from first thinking of robotic farming to successfully transitioning through into a robotic way of life.

How to engage with us

Our Services are suited to not just farmers. We also provide support to Agri businesses, seeking additional support within their team on advising farmers on the robotic change over.

After an initial phone call we arrange a suitable time for an on-site visit.

Such visits generally take on average 2 / 3 hours and it is important to meet all those involved in the day to day management of the farm, as well as having a complete walk through of the operation.

Initial on site visits are charged at an hourly rate.

Following on from the initial site visit should a farmer wish to proceed, then preparation of grazing plans / price guidance / drawings etc will be developed and charged for at an hourly rate. Alternatively a fixed package cost can be provided for this service.

​Other supports both pre and post the change over to robotic farming such as follow up phone calls / emails / site visits will be supported on an hourly rate basis.

The support we provide

  • Understanding the Pricing –  What are you being quoted for ? versus what do you require and what should it cost ?
  • ABC Grazing – Guidance on the correct layout suited to your farm
  • Farm Layout – Where your robots will fit and how to best design your farm yard to accommodate them
  • Contract Negotiation –  Support to ensure your interests are best served
  • Support –  For the questions that matter to you along the journey

Explaining the journey

All robots and systems come with different specifications. Some of which are required for your farm and some that are not, depending on whether you are grazing outdoors or primarily indoors etc.

There is no point adding specifications to a robot that will never be required. This can add substantial unnecessary costs to the overall investment.

My purpose in the process is to guide you in purchasing only the features required to your specific farming needs.

Making use of any existing farm roads and adding only what is necessary for an ABC system to work correctly. I will provide an outline map of the proposed layout. This is a tried, tested and proven system based on my years of extensive knowledge of robotic grazing throughout the country and on our own home farm.

Thus, providing you with a cost effective and simple system that will work best.

From making use of any existing farm buildings, to complete green field sites. The emphasis is on coming up with the best and most cost effective solution, not just for the present day but also geared towards expansion in the future.

This may include making use of existing, slurry storage tanks, milk tank rooms, meal bins, feed barriers, to retrofit in a robotic system or in some cases the most effective solution is a new build.

Ultimatly coming up with the right end goal for you and your farm.

Our goal is to ensure your best interests are served.

Once you obtain your pricing from each of the different robot manufacturers on the market, we can sit down with you and go through step by step each line of the different quotations. We will highlight elements on the quotation necessary or not for your individual farm needs to ensure the costs incurred are relevant to you.

Choosing to go robotic on your farm is a major milestone. You want a seamless process, and avoid unnecessary pitfalls along the journey. We will assist you with farm visits and/or phone calls both pre and post start up.

This can include setting feed tables, having the correct milk access, getting cows moving on grass, the correct graze gate times etc.

We can compile a structured business plan for your banking institution if required.

Whatever your needs, we are here to assist.

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